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GoGoVan is an all-new software designed to receive orders,replacing the traditional dispatch centre.
Without the need for special devices and subscription fees, you will also receive an unending stream of orders,
so what are you waiting for? Join our team to take advantage of the continuing surge of GoGoVan orders and enjoy a wealth of work opportunities.

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*To maintain quality standards, all applicants will be tested before becoming official GoGoVan drivers.
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Highlights of GoGoVan for Drivers
Getting started is simple, joining our team is a snap.
Registration is so easy that it only takes a minute!
It’s all up to you
• Our intelligent dispatch system means that you will not miss a single business opportunity.
• Clear and complete client information enhances efficiency and communication.
• Choose the orders you want to take for a more flexible work schedule.
Fair distribution system
All orders are electronically dispatched to GoGoVan drivers at the same time, offering equal opportunities for all.
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